About Us

We believe that

  • in a world where technology touches every aspect of our lives, it is crucial that our children become active creators of technology, not just passive users.
  • in the near future no profession is untouched by computers, therefore coding is a core skill every child must possess.

What are we doing?

We teach kids and teens the joy of computer coding by helping them write their own customized computer games. Our creative computing platform helps children develop computational thinking and programming skills in a fun, interactive and creative way.

The mission of Logiscool is teaching kids & teens digital literacy and computer coding in a new, creative and fun way.

We offer an engaging own education platform and innovative, long-term curriculum in a fast growing number of Logiscool locations.

Courses & Camps

Thousands of our students know that learning to code in Logiscool is fun!

Logiscool is based on after-school programs and summer coding camps. Our vision is to teach everyone logical thinking, problem solving, innovative creativity useful skills for all professions and everyday life.

The curriculum we teach is international and scalable from basic to complex, from general to special. Logiscool uses attractive locations and creates innovative environment.

How We Teach

Immediate success

Inspiring environment

Young & enthusiastic instructors

Classeses up to 12 students

All equipment provided

Kids Said About Us

We code cool things and I have made friends. Pity it is only once in a week...

Samuel - 12 years

It is fantastic... I can recommend Logiscool to anyone!

Boldizsar - 14 years

It is great, I bet you have never done something like this before. Give it a try!

Eva - 13 years

We learn a lot, and it is very cool!

Mathias - 11 years

I like Logiscool a lot: we play and learn in the same time.

Aron - 14 years

I learn what I will need in the future.

Tamas - 12 years

Parents Said About Us

I see the progress my daughter makes and the joy she has. She is always thinking of some new solution in the game she is creating.
The enthusiasm of the group did not change: they all still look very motivated after the classes. My son can hardly wait to come home and continue coding.
I can clearly see that they are getting useable knowledge. My son is enjoying the classes and he likes to show what he has created. He is coding a lot at home too, and the games he creates are spectacular and funny. :)
I find Logiscool well organised, and very motivating for the kids!


Are you committed to the importance of digital literacy education?

The demand for e-skills is huge and it keeps growing in Europe and worldwide.
Every child should be provided the possibility to learn the basic fundamentals of computer coding.

You can start an innovative and successful franchise business by opening your own Logiscool!